All New Belt Drive
All New Belt Drive New Patent-Pending belt drive for years of maintenance-free use.
Universal Heavy Duty Electric Motor Mount
Universal Heavy Duty Electric Motor Mount Pre-drilled for any motor, takes high torque abuse.
Side Adjustable Tensioner
Side Adjustable Tensioner Easy belt tensioning.
Left or Right Side PTO Drive
Left or Right Side PTO Drive Flexible and easy to use.
Aluminum Alloy Gear Box
Aluminum Alloy Gear Box Cooler running at max horsepower.
Solid 1" Shaft
Solid 1" Shaft Less vibration and whip than tube designs.
Screw-Adjustable Chain Take-Up
Screw-Adjustable Chain Take-Up Easier maintenance and longer life.
Heavy Duty Tube Joiner
Heavy Duty Tube Joiner Slip-on for easy assembly.
Discharge End Tie-Off Point
Discharge End Tie-Off Point Facilitates attachment of safety rope to bin which helps prevent wind blow over.
Galvanized Construction
Galvanized Construction Looks great longer!
Heavy Duty Cable Winch
Heavy Duty Cable Winch Easy, smooth operation.
Robotic-Welded Axle
Robotic-Welded Axle Durable, true running for better towing.
Standard Trailer Hub
Standard Trailer Hub – 5-Stud on 4.5? Bolt Circle Easy to find replacement parts.

15? Trailer Wheels Provided.
Accesories Available
Cardinal stocks a full range of poly hoppers.

discharge spouts and segmented downspouts to make your grain moving easy.

See your local dealer for more information.
Cardinal Farm uses Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Belt.

Nothing Tougher.

If you thought roller chain was your only drive option, think again. Gates new Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt is part of a powerful synchronous belt drive system that outperforms roller chain in even the most demanding high-torque applications.

Gates Poly Chain® GT®2 belts have been replaced with Poly Chain GT Carbon belts. In most drives they serve as a direct replacement. If you have questions, please click on the Product Application link below.

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