Custom Fitted Belts
Custom fitted belts for less seed damage and loss.
Polymer Rollers
Polymer rollers for easy height adjustments.

Powder coat and galvanized finish provide tough protection.
Heavy Duty Winch
Heavy duty winch with automatic brake for raising lowering conveyor.
Automotive Grade Fasteners
Automotive grade 5 fasteners and precision laser cut parts ensure easy assembly and repair.
Generous 34"x24" Bulk Bag Hopper
Generous 34"x24" bulk bag hopper is a standerd on chassis models.

Low profile hopper also available.
Rugged Hitch
Rugged hitch makes transporting simple and safe.
Generous Discharge
Rubber backed and Generous discharge means no clogs.

Less seed damage.
Block & Pulley Lift System
Block & Pulley lift system makes raising and lowering an easy task.

Galvanized chassis lasts for year of service.
Heavy Duty Adjustable Motor
Heavy duty adjustable motor mount allows for most standerd drive motors.
Durable Cleats
Durable cleats for fast and gentle material flow.
Tapered bearings on Axle.
Tapered sprindle bearings on axle.

Optional trailer rated tires allow for worry free transport.